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Nils Henriksson

composer, interpreter

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Selected works in chronological order:

"Himlen förkunnar Guds härlighet"  for quintet (2019)

Lauds I & II - for symphony orchestra (2018)

... for four flutes, for forty fingers... (2018)


Quartet-Aforisms: music in four parts for any number of players (2017)


för Hanna: organ & ensemble (2017)

(Rondo): for 15 solo-strings (2017)

for My: cello-solo (2016)

Duo-Aforisms: music in two parts for any number of players (2016)


Trio: for clarinet, cello & prepared piano (2016)

Music for Trio: for trombone, contrabass & prepared piano (2015)


Music for String-trio (2015)

Is it printers? (for tape with 4 speakers) (2014)

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