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(Rondo): for 15 solo-strings

(Rondo): for 15 solo-string - Nils Henriksson
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Duration: a 10 min.

Instrumentation: 9 vln, 3 vla, 2 vc, 1 cb

Composed in: 2017

Premiered by: Musica Vitea & Michael Bartosch

2017 at Utvandrarnas hus, Växjö


The piece is a reflection upon the traditional rondo-form in the classical music canon. (A-B-A-C-A-D etc.)


More specifically the composition focus on the element of binary reoccurrence (of the refrain/main-theme and ”B”-parts) pictured as a kind of violence imposed upon the material, since it restrains whatever tendency of continuous process or development that might be contained within it. The music can so to say never ”get anywhere”, since it is constantly interrupted in its stage of growth by the rules of reoccurrence extracted from the formal-scheme.


This, I hope, creates a tension between the vertical (the sounds) and the linear (whats done with them) aspects, emerging in a state of struggle not so unlike the ones found in the traditional symphonic sonata-form; of themes and motifs trying to overcome each other in search of the final recapitulation.


In a more simple way of saying; the piece is basically about sound and time collapsing against each other.


(from program-notes)

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