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Premier of "Himlen förkunnar Guds härlighet" @ Scenkonst Sörmland (15/8-19)

Uppdaterat: 28 aug. 2019

Back home from a wonderful premiere of my latest composition ur ps.19: "Himlen förkunnar Guds härlighet"!

The piece was commisioned by Scenkonst Sörmland for theire "Young Swedish Composer 2019", for which me and Klara Stirner are apointed.

The performance was held by Ensemble Dasein at Scenkonst Sörmland, Eskilstuna (SWE) at the 20th of August 2019.



Teemu Heinonen - Shattered Self-Similarities Veronique Vaka - Sciftan

Steinar Yggeseth - Dissolving Views

Loic Destremau - No Musical Equivalent

Nils Henriksson - ur ps.19: Himlen förkunnar Guds härlighet

All above compositions where specially written for and premierd by Ensemble Dasein at the event.


Thanks to all composers, Scenkonst Sörmland and my lovely fellow musicians in Ensemble Dasein for making this evening possible! // Nils

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