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for My: cello-solo

Duration: a 15 min.

Instrumentation: 1 vc

Composed in: 2017

Premiered by: My Hellgren, 2017 at Sirenfestivalen,

the Academy for Music & Drama, Gothenburg


The piece is a written as a reflection over the assumption that the context emerging through meeting-points of individuals is not simply a collection (an additive result) of people – but something that posses it's own (autonomous) life as a subject.


My suggestion would be that the same principle applies to works of art.


What you will listen to is finally your own reading of the interpreter's reading of my reading of Tommy Olofsson's and Vassilis Papageorgiou reading of John Ashbery's reading of a piano-piece by Eric Satie ('s reading of what?).


Through continuous translations, the piece is drawn out of (and separated from) its sources, to form its own identity through its process of becoming.


* For the notion, I could mention that the poem in reference is to be found in a book entitled “Chinese Whispers”.

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